GotTrigger Situational Awareness

What if you could have a “Spidey-sense” type super-power to sense danger and avoid it before it could hurt you or your loved ones? What if you already had this super-power, but you have just been ignoring it?

I’m talking about intuition. Your natural, almost super-human, ability to perceive events around you with your subconscious and respond to them before your conscious mind even knows your are reacting. For most of us, we have actively worked to suppress our intuition and then are surprised when we walk into danger.

Situational awareness is where it all begins, it is the feeder of perception that in turn drives our intuition. Take a look at this poor guy below who has no situational awareness and thus is totally surprised when he gets run over, twice.

GotTrigger’s Situational Awareness Workshop is recommended for anyone taking their first steps in practicing our motto, “Living without fear.” It gives you the foundation that everything else builds on, no matter which direction you choose to grow.

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