Our staff come from very diverse backgrounds and have years of experience in their specific fields. We can help you with your film with anything involving these areas:

  • Police Operations, including SWAT
  • Fire Ground Operations
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Military Operations
  • Covert Operations
  • Direct Action
  • Much More

Armorer Services

GotTrigger has experience with nearly any gun or weapon you can think of., from flint locks and percussion fired muskets to fully automatic “Ma-Duece” .50 Cal Machine Guns and Anti-Tank Missile Systems. We can also work with your actors and crew to ensure they use them accurately to the period you are filming.

Allison McAtee shooting an MP5 while training with GotTrigger for an upcoming film

Strategy and Tactics

Our instructors and consultants have the knowledge, skill and experience to ensure your project is as accurate as possible. GotTrigger can provide point training such as ,

History / Reenacting

Richard, one of our lead instructors has reenacted for living history and film in just about every time period from the French and Indian Wars (1750s) through today. Don’t lose your audience because of the little details that end up making all the different.

Plot / Character Development

Let us help you make your story more rich and believable by adding technically and/or historically accurate details to your characters and plot. This will give more depth to your project and your audience will see the difference and remember you for it.