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GotTrigger is always evolving and growing to help you, the consumer, find your inner courage and, “Live Without Fear”. Part of that mantra is to find partners who can help you, so you don’t have to go it alone. We are here for you.

Our offerings will continue to expand as we partner with industry experts in various fields to bring you knowledge and insights to help you find peace of mind and feel more secure, whether it is physical or cyber security, fitness, nutrition or whatever keeps you up at night.


GotTrigger offers an array of instructional programs for civilian, military and law enforcement by experienced instructors. We have you covered from the basics of Situational Awareness, Stop the Bleed and all levels of firearm instruction.
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Film Consulting

Our experts have extremely diverse backgrounds which allows us to work with you or your project to quickly understand your needs and come up with workable solutions.
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Shooting Events

Come out and have a safe, fun day at the range with our professional instructors.
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Have you ever seen a flamethrower on TV and thought, “I really want to do that!”? Now you can with GtoTrigger’s XM42 Flamethrower, lovingly named “Burn-a-debt” (Bernadette).
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