GotTrigger started in 2015 as a way for a couple of friends to write off the cost of guns and ammo when we went shooting.  It seemed like every time we went to the range there was someone else there having trouble. Shooting is a very friendly sport and we often struck up conversations that turned into impromptu training for our new friends. 

After a summer of impromptu range instruction, we decided it was time to make it real by getting certified and starting GotTrigger. While we started offering paid classes, we continue to work with our shooting range providing free instruction to members as well as volunteer time, guns, and ammo to the Boy Scouts a few times a year to help them earn their merit badges.

The Blue Water Lilly Logo

GotTrigger chose a Blue Water Lilly as our logo for several reasons. The Water Lilly, or Nymphaeaceae, is a very resilient plant and resilience is at the core of our philosophy.
Blue because in Egyptian culture it is associated with rebirth, and in Buddhist culture, it is associated with victory over the spirit of self. Therefore, we associate it with rebirth and victory over anxieties and fears through education and training. It represents the evolution of self to begin living without fear.

Lastly, who wants a picture of a gun on their shirt, hat, or patch? The GotTrigger logo was designed to be a subtle way to tell others that you have taken the steps to conquer your fears and anxieties through education and experience.