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GotTrigger started very simply as a veteran owned, firearm instruction company. It seemed like every time we went to the range with friends and family there was someone else there having trouble. Shooting is a very friendly sport and we often struck up a conversation that turned into impromptu training for our new friend. After a summer of becoming the impromptu range instructors we decided it was time to make it real by getting certified and starting GotTrigger. While we started offering paid classes, we continued to work with our local club, the North East Sportsman’s Club. We provide free instruction to members as well as volunteer time, guns and ammo to the Boy Scouts a few times a year to help them earn their merit badges.

New Shooters Are Our Passion

You’ve heard it before, there are few things more exciting than being there when the student “gets it”. We love that almost as much as when we introduce someone who is scared of guns to shooting and they go away with an understanding and an excitement for this new sport and group they found. It’s especially exciting when we hear back from students who now challenge themselves to get better and ask us questions or send us pictures of their groupings as they get smaller.

Adaptive Shooting Program

GotTrigger works with the NRA Adaptive Shooting Program to provide persons with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy this sport as much as everyone else. This one of the aspects of GotTrigger that we truly enjoy and are very proud of.


While working with students, we noticed a pattern in our students. While working with their (or our) guns, we would have discussions about other parts of their life that they have anxiety or fears about. It wasn’t just about self-defense or defending their family as you’d expect. We discussed with students a wide range of topics from financial health, to cyber security and everything in between. We also found that students assumed that our instructors were super gung-ho and would expect the student to take on a “prepper” lifestyle.

This lead to our transformation from a gun training company to a resilience lifestyle company. What is resilience? It is simply your ability to sidestep completely or recover quickly after something bad happens. While we still provide professional and safe gun training, we now provide articles, videos, in-person instruction, seminars and other consulting services for individuals and groups. Our students saw that we “Live Without Fear” and they wanted that too.

Articles are Gonzo Journalism and have to do with personal preparedness or things we find interesting and we think you will like too.

The best part is, when talking about resilience, there is no right answer or one size fits all for everyone. We present ideas, articles and instruction and you decide what the right level of resilience is right for you.

GotTrigger’s Blue Water Lilly

The Blue Water Lilly Logo

GotTrigger chose a Blue Water Lilly as our logo for several reasons. The water lilly, or Nymphaeaceae, is a very resilient plant and resilience is at the core of our philosophy.
Blue because in Egyptian culture it is associated with rebirth, and in Buddhist culture it is associated with victory over the spirit of self. Therefore we associate it with a rebirth and victory over anxieties and fears through education and training. It represents evolution of self to begin living without fear.

As GotTrigger continues to grow, each petal will represent a different aspect of personal resilience as we build out our programs. Each petal will have several levels, from a basic awareness to being an expert. Again, the level you choose to raise to is entirely up to you, and there are no wrong answers.

Lastly, who wants a picture of a gun on their shirt, hat or patch? The GotTrigger logo was designed to be a subtle way to tell others that you have taken the steps to conquer your fears and anxieties through education.


GotTrigger’s founders have a deep Military, Law-Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Services backgrounds, which they use to enhance our offerings with real-world scenarios and insights.

Mathieu Sanders, CHS-V, ABCP, CNTA

Mathieu has spent more than 25 years in public and private sector emergency management. Mathieu started on a small extrication team in the Northern Rockies and progressed through Training Officer, Lieutenant and retired as Captain of a metropolitan fire company. He has worked scenes large and small and uses his real-world response training to supplement “by the book” training. On the private sector side he has worked with fortune 500 companies in Crisis Management, Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery capacities. He has developed, delivered and trained crisis and major incident processes that are flexible and resilient.
Learn more and connect with Mathieu on LinkedIn.

Sgt. Richard Gates, US Army Ret.

From 2002 to 2009 Richard served his country in some of the most inhospitable and hostile areas of the globe.  Richard demonstrated his commitment to the uniform by wintering over in sub-zero Korea for two consecutive years.  In 2005 the Army recognized his service with an all-expense paid trip to historical Babylon known more recently as Baghdad.  While “in country” Richard built US / International relations sometimes at gunpoint as a squad leader.  After 15 months inside the Sunni Triangle visiting beautiful locals like Baghdad, Ramadi, Taji, Sadr City and Ba’Qubah, Richard was blown up in his 6th IED attack.  This time, it earned him a trip to Texas to recover after having his spine and pelvis nearly crushed in the blast.  In 2009 the US Army medically retired him.

Since medical retirement he has remained current with his skills and has kept learning at a break neck pace. He is an expert in Survival and Search and Rescue and was the Director of Emergency Services for Group 6 (Western PA Area) Civil Air Patrol. He is a registered Law Enforcement officer as a PA State Constable and also volunteers with the local Girl Scouts troop for first aid and as a mentor. 

Queen Elizabeth (AKA, Lizzie)

GotTrigger’s English Bulldog keeps us all grounded and constantly tries to get us to create food-themed items that she can “test”.